Testimonials from satisfied graduates are very important to us and over the years we have been fortunate to receive a great deal of postitive feedback.

Here is a sampling of some of our Alumni have to say:

Just dropping you a note to let you know that I have started my Aromatherapy 101 and I am enjoying a great deal. I went through all of the material in 101 and 201 when I received my manuals, and I would like to commend you on the creation of such a complete and meticulously laid out education program. I am positively thrilled with the WCIA course material. You have done a stellar job putting this professional program together, Bev. I researched Aromatherapy education for months and I certainly chose right when I chose your courses at the WCIA. Simply loving it.  Kimberly Ivey, Port Hawkesbury, NS

A couple of days ago I finally took the 201 exam and submitted my thesis and case studies! And yes I was nervous as it’s been over 30 years since I finished college; I was worried that my brain cells weren’t up to the challenge. All I can say is that it’s been one of the best ways I have used my time, money and mental energy in many years. Loved the challenge of the course and Beverley’s excellent and thoughtful answers to many questions. It’s been nice being part of the Facebook group too, wishing you all wonderful essential oil adventures and thanks Beverley for your passion and guidance. Gwendolyn Evans, Port Townsend, WA

Even though this is distance learning, I always found Beverley to be so available and responsive.  That “personal touch” made the course more like a live course.  Barbara Zimmerman, Hendersonville, TN

The West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy helped to prepare me for a successful career in aromatherapy as a practitioner, instructor, and consultant.  The comprehensive curriculum, expansive number of resources and constructive feedback from Beverley Hawkins created a rich, informative and engaged learning experience.  Thank you Bev!  Dr. Kelly Ablard, PhD, RA, EOT, Vancouver.

Previous to engaging in the study of aromatherapy as a complimentary approach to physical and mental healing, and having attended the University of Georgia School of Pharmacy, I searched the United States, Canada and international borders for a school that has the national and global recognition as a professional educational institution as well as organizations such as the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and scrutinized the value of each school before choosing the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy.
Now as a graduate, having studied and completed the coursework of 101 and 201 and having experienced the balance of the well balanced and taught core curriculum, professional guidance and applications of the clinical aspects of aromatherapy enabling me to practice in the field of Alzheimer’s and dementia, stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation,  I constantly read and participate with online students and graduates in the field and share professional experiences as well as seek counsel from Bev Hawkins the school’s founder, administrator and the most available teacher and guidance counselor.
As a practicing Clinical Aromatherapist competing in a world of plant medicine that has fast become the foreground of non-pharmaceutical healing worldwide, I can truly regard the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy the Harvard of the most approved standards for professional aromatherapy and education.  Philip Jay LeNoble, MBA, Ph.D. CA, Littleton, CO.

Thanks Bev, for the passion and commitment you have given to your school, lesson plans and student support. My recent graduation from your Aromatherapy 301 course has given me a chance to reflect back to when I started your school in 2000.Your lessons have been clear, fun and easy to follow and understand. Your student support for 101, 201 was second to none and your compassion and expertise in person for your 301 course was reassuring. Yet, you as a teacher challenged me to look beyond your lesson plans to learn more and follow my passion. This idea was repeated consistently with many other students, not just myself – this is one of many things that you exhibited that make a great teacher.You touched my life – Thank you.  Holly Schuurman, RA, RMT, Sedgewick, Alberta.

Dearest Bev: I loved your course. I researched online courses for months before choosing yours. The information is concise, well organized and full of great information. You made it easy to love working with essential oils. I have even recommended you to others and found that one person in my healing group is also taking your course. Well done! Warm regards, Mary Wolf, Taiwan.

Bev: My husband had lived with prostate cancer controlled for several years and was suddenly given six months to live. I threw myself into exploring different types of alternative healthcare choices that would be compatible and helpful with chemotherapy, radiation and radioactive treatments. I signed up for Beverley’s Aromatherapy 101 and 201 course with the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy. Over the next three years I used aromatherapy to assist in pain control, nausea, skin lesions, radiation treatments, low hemoglobin, nail fungus, anxiety, low appetite, insomnia and last but not least to clean and deodorize our house. Today I am starting my own business with aromatherapy at the core of services offered. This course changed my life and gave my husband a better quality of life during a very difficult time. Blessings, Susan Phillips, Ashland, VA.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, I began looking for a reputable aromatherapy program that integrated traditional and non-traditional approaches with the current research. I believe that I found just the right program at the West Coat Institute of Aromatherapy (WCIA). The material and lessons are engaging, appropriately challenging and highly informative. It was wonderful to be able to study at my own pace (with two small children at home), yet always have a knowledgeable professional able and willing to guide me through the course. I highly recommend WCIA to anyone who is interested in a program that accommodates one’s lifestyle and time constraints while maintaining high academic standards. Keren Dolan, Reston, VA.

Bev: Taking the aromatherapy courses through your school have been a godsend. I can study in the privacy of my own home and learn at my own pace. In other words, I am able to fit studying into my busy schedule. But I guess I could do this with any correspondence course. Why your courses have brought so much to my life is because they are so comprehensive. The amount of information I now have about the human body and about the essential oils, place me in a unique position of positively helping my family, pets, friends and clients with their overall health issues. Your holistic approach to aromatherapy has given me a very valuable tool. I find that each one of us needs to take control of our own health. We all need to know how our bodies work and how to take care of ourselves. Using the oils is extremely useful and complimentary to the treatments we may be receiving from the doctor. But it’s not just a question of going to the health food store and picking up an essential oil that we have heard or of which we have read. There is so much more to learn about each and every one of the oils. By studying your extensive material I can be sure that I’m using the essential oils correctly and effectively. If I have any questions I know that you are only an email away. Through the years of studying and working with the essential oils, I have developed a personal relationship with them. Just the idea of going into my lab and working on a blend brings a smile to my face. Looking for a specific essential oil, taking it out of the cabinet, holding it in my hand, feeling its energy is invigorating. The interesting thing is that the appropriate essential oils present themselves for whatever condition I am addressing at the time. It’s really quite amazing. And every time I finish a blend I am truly grateful for the gift I have been given by the oils. I know the blend will be the right one for the person I have in mind and that it will be helpful. What more could I ask for?  E. Patricia Connor, Delta, B.C.

Hi Bev: To be honest I started off being a little “skeptical” of Aromatherapy. I have always been interested in healthy living, nutrition, excercise but was wary of the “holistic” realm because a lot of it seemed a little extreme and not realistic. I did my homework and checked out many schools, trying to choose the one that would give me more of a realistic, grounded approach as well as being very thorough. I chose your school because of the testimonials from others (though they were few). At this point I am halfway through 201 and am not only enjoying it but am very impressed. I did not take this course with the intention of using essential oils for all the varied health benefits but since taking the course I have changed my mind about how I viewed aromatherapy. For the past year I have put the theory behind the oils to the test and for the most part have been very encouraged. I even have my husband and children asking for my oils for just about everything. I had purchased many books from some leading aromatherapists before taking your course and while they are all very informative they did not give me what the course did, the in depth understanding of how the oils work within the body or the practical aspect of walking that out. I also have appreciated how you have pulled together much of the information from these different authors into one valuable resource (saves a whole lot of time). I have also appreciated the personal attention you give to your students and your availability, I also like the avenue for feedback with other students and grads, its the closest thing to actually being in class and has made the course that much more enjoyable. I am glad I made the decision to take the course. Thank you Carol Friesen Hepburn, Saskatchewan.

Hi Bev: I am a graduate of the 101, 201 and Aroma-massage CD, courses. I am currently studing Reiki, Reflexology and herbs. I relied on E.O. blends for my father who died of cancer in 2005. Aromatherapy helped me keep his skin free of bed sores and reduce his anxiety. Early in his stages I used essential oil blends to increase his appetite and ease his muscle pain. He loved the EO’s and felt that it was special attention. When he passed I used blends for my own grief. I have made blends for my husbands aching knees and feet, he says: the medical Dr. can’t take away the pains the way my oil blends do. For myself I rely on my blends everyday; after being in a car accident 3 years ago, I have had muscle spasms, soreness and a whole list of problems. I have a lot of days, I can hardly move – until I get my E.O.’s on me then I feel a tremendous difference and I get my freedom back. On the advise of my chiropractor I recently went to a medical Dr. and was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The Dr. was thrilled that I was able to help myself as much as I have by using the E.O. blends (he saw the specific Blends) for coping with the pain and other symptoms. He said to keep using the essential oils, they are remarkable and that I would be better off with the E.O.blends than getting a prescription !!
Coming from a Medical Dr. I was shocked but very pleased and confident that the blends I make for my muscle pain and spasms do help with out the side effects! I can’t say enough about the instructor for this course – Bev is a constant source of reliable information, she is level headed and a true teacher of her craft, long after you have graduated from her courses. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a full understanding of essential oils. It would be hard to find a more dedicated instructor ! Thank You Bev, your instruction has helped me to help myself everyday ! Hugs,Cindy Shipley, Ridgland, WI.

Hi Bev: I began working with essential oils over ten years ago. After completing my BS at Greenville College and writing a 75 page paper on The Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils, I decided I wanted to become an aromatherapist. I took your 101 and 201 classes and followed with my Aromatherapy Certification. Motivated by my work with clients and other professionals I decided that I should be a Licensed Massage Therapist and so I went back to school to receive my LMT and am now NCTMB certified. The blending of these careers has been an exciting and rewarding journey. I now have my own practice, Botanical Healing Arts and Massage in Tuscola, IL and teach Aromatherapy and other Complimentary and Alternative Therapy courses at Parkland College in Champaign, IL. I am very grateful for the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy courses and their positive influence on my life’s path. It has been a great blessing to share these gifts with others. Thank you for your continuing support of my efforts and for providing so many with so much! With gratitude and blessings, Sara Holmes, BS RA LMT NCTMB, Tuscola, IL

I took Beverley’s Aromatherapy 101 course four years ago and it was one of the best laid out courses I’ve ever taken (I currently hold 38 certificates so that’s saying something). It was easy to learn because the information is presented in a concise and practical way. I had a couple of questions over the following six months and Beverley always took the time to answer me and make sure I understood the answer. I love books and ended up with 28 books on the oils, chemistry, and hydrosols. When I appreciate something, I show it. To that end, I have recommended Beverley’s courses to all who are interested in learning and using Aromatherapy. And that says it all really. I bought my first eight essential oils. I went on to take several Aromatherapy courses including WCIA 101. I’ve created dozens of recipes since then and use Aromatherapy for cleaning, bath, and beauty products, as well as for health, wellbeing. I was apparently very adept at blending remedies that smelled good and one of my first Aromatherapy teachers lovingly dubbed me the ‘perfume queen of the lower mainland’. I went on to become a Natural Perfumer and now teach a correspondence course as well as create beautiful natural perfumes, giving people the option of not using synthetics. All of this learning supported that first thread in my life that I’d been cultivating for over thirty years. This thread is called Herbalism. I am now enrolled in the Master Herbalist Diploma course through Heart of Herbs and I’m truly enjoying the learning and growth. Beverley has been a lovely part of my story. Warmly, Lyn E. Ayre, Ph.D, Coquitlam, BC

Enrolling at WCIA in 2003 definitely changed my life! I am a biologist with part medical background and had been taking a variety of healing energy courses and reflexology since the mid nineties. I knew my next step was massage. Aromatherapy had been a passion of mine for about a decade at that time and I was delighted to find a home study course which offered both! Just a few trips to Vancouver were needed for the 301 massage portion. A classroom setting would have required a huge loss of my time. I am still impressed with the volumes of information provided in each essential oil profile — legitimate medical contraindications, biochemical formulas, and detailed therapeutic effects. This is not a fluffy course! As I worked through the studies, I found my knowledge of aromatherapy and its professional use around the world grew exponentially and this continued learning is endless! Many thanks to Bev as well for our regular updates and ongoing help & support through her chat lines and personal emails. She is always there for us to answer any questions, anytime. Starting my own aromatherapy & massage business is a great personal success for me. I am now well known in my communities and clients regularly seek my help & advice. I have so much gratitude to Bev for providing this course which has been so pivotal in my career change and such a foundation I have built on. Many blessings! Danielle Power BSc Registered Aromatherapist, Winlaw & Nelson, BC

With so many students having gone through our programs we have far too many comments to share them all. Here are a few of the comments made our Evaluation Form by Graduates.

  • I can’t say enough about this course and how it has helped me to understand and use this science. It truly gave me an in depth feel for and understanding of Aromatherapy. JHC, Venice, CA.
  • Bev, thanks so much for giving me such a solid foundation on which to build my new career. In addition to the wealth of information, I really appreciated the format. The lessons and information are clear, concise and very thoughtfully laid out. I found it to be more fun than work. WP, Sherwood Park, AB.
  • Excellent. I thought the Anatomy/Physiology was very well done – I have done a lot of study in this area and I was impressed.SB Phd, Victoria, BC.
  • Thank you for all the great support Bev, during the course. I don’t recall even one question of mine, not being answered on our forum and in private correspondence. MVO, Perth, Australia.
  • It was and is a fantastic course in aromatherapy and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted to learn about aromatherapy. JHP, Neenah, WI.
  • I feel I’ve obtained a good working knowledge of aromatherapy. It’s given me the confidence I need when dealing with the public.LDM, Oklahoma City, OK.
  • It was an extremely thorough course which I enjoyed very much. I look forward to one day completing Aromatherapy 301 and meeting you, Beverley, in person.  KBF, Port Alberni, BC.
  • I do need to commend Bev for including the “getting your business started” chapter. Too many schools get you through the doors, but lack the full scope of what is actually involved. And “Thank you”, Bev. CS, Ridgeland, Wisconsin.
  • This was a wonderful experience I have learned so much about the body and how essential oils are used I have truly enjoyed the course and would certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to explore the world of aromatherapy. SLP, Cambridge, On.
  • The courses 101 & 201 are very excellent. They are not boring but interesting. It’s a good course for self study. JHP, MD, Seoul, Korea.
  • I checked out a number of different courses before I chose this course. I truly believe this course offers a more vast detail of study, and Bev adds so much more to what the course itself can offer. I can honest say this is the best course I have ever done, and I look forward to learning even more about aromatherpay in the years to come. JLD, Wingham, ON.
  • I found the course very helpful. With so much information to remember, the design of the course helped! Many thanks for this experience! SC, Munich, Germany.
  • This course has given me the confidence to create unique and therapeutic blends. Working with essential oils is an ongoing pleasure and this course has also enabled me to understand the various books on
    aromatherapy with a more informed mind. CL, La Vaine, France.
  • Dear Beverley, I would like you to know that the 101 course notes and workbook are incredibly thorough, detailed, informative, and organized. I love the course and can’t wait to learn more. KA, Vancouver, BC.
  • Very information – I am proud I found West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy. I believe this is money well spent! SV, Ellisville, MS.
  • Each section was laid out in a simple manner. There was a lot of information but it was enjoyable to do. I have such a better understanding of Aromatherapy now. SS, Maple Ridge, BC.
  • I found the course to be exactly what I was looking for – it game the the information I sought as well as more ways to use the oils and use them properly. MH, Stirling, Ont.
  • Thank you Beverley for making yourself available to answer my question. The added information enhanced the home study. Your course is laid out very well and I enjoyed learning from the material you presented in it. SE, Campbell River, BC.
  • Went beyond my expectations! The material is comprehensive and arranged in a logical sequence. This made it easy for me to “pick up where I left off” whenever there was a break in my studies. Can’t wait for 201! JD, North Vancouver, BC.
  • I really enjoyed this course and felt it was very well laid out. Not overwhelming but certainly in depth. DP, Williams Lake, BC.
  • I have been studying almost all my life and I am confident today to say that this course was probably one of my best experiences. RTT, North Burnaby, BC.
  • The course allows you to build your confidence with each blend you experiment with. With each mistake you learn. That’s AWESOME! LAF, Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Loved doing this – at home, at my own pace. Aromatherapy has always interested me – and I learned so much. Being a nurse, I feel I can help some of my family and friends now. BH, Ft. McMurray, Alberta.
  • It is worth every cent I invested. Really glad I decided to go all the way. Beverley is a very patient & empathetic teacher. makes a difference when you need to get motivated. She’s always available to answer all questions & she does it very promptly! S.Y, Singapore.
  • Once I started the course, I found it difficult to take breaks! I really enjoyed it and I appreciated your quick email response. B.B.C, Hutchinson, KS.
  • I really enjoyed this although I expected to regret not having others to do it with, I found it easy to understand, interesting and it left me with no time to worry about not having company to do it with – I didn’t need them! S. H. Oranjemund, Namibia.
  • Excellent course – information is laid out in a way that makes it easy to understand and learn. B.N. Carseland, AB.
  • Overall an excellent course, Bev! Can”t wait to start 201, now! R.S., Edmonton, Alberta.
  • It was great to know Bev was always there to help, you just get this feeling of comfort from WCIA. D.S-K., Hollywood, Florida.
  • I checked out a number of different courses before I chose this course. I truly believe this course offers a more vast detail of study, and Bev adds so much more to what the course itself can offer. I can honestly say this is the best course I have ever done, and I look forward to learning even more about aromatherapy in the years to come.  J.D. Wingham, Ontario.
  • Thanks Bev. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned! K.B. Maple Ridge, B.C.
  • I enjoyed the course and felt it was very helpful in familiarizing myself and experimenting with the oils. The exam was good as it tied it all together & found that I remembered more than I thought. M.M., Slocan, B.C.
  • The exercises from the workbook helped to better familiarize me with the oils. I was able to better retain things because of the hands on experience of the exercises. I loved the bulletin boards and that I could contact you whenever I needed to. I very much enjoyed the course. DJ, North Delta, BC.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it took me a long time to complete as I was constantly distracted from overseas visitors who came and stayed, however I found it easy to pick up and continue with the course as I was able to. It was very informative and a joy to read and study. Thank you so much Bev. MW, Alberta, Lethbridge, Alberta.
  • I found the Aromatherapy 101 to be a very pleasurable experience. I increased my knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy, and I”m sure I will continue to go back to the course material for reference purposes often. I would recommend this course to anyone who desired to learn about aromatherapy. S.M., Arlington, Texas.
  • When I was selecting a school – your website spoke volumes about you – your organizational and teaching skills – and they certainly proved out in the excellent course structure and content. D.R. Princeton, NY.
  • Exercises were fun – blending and experimenting and seeing results fantastic! K.F. Calgary, Alberta.
  • Bev, I truly loved the course and can”t wait to begin 201. I also like the e-group and I love the quote of the day. Thank You! S.W. Maple Ridge, B.C. 
  • I loved this course and the book is going to become like a “bible” to me! MJH, Whitehorse, Yukon.
  • Years of valuable research of aromatherapy information have been brought together in Aromatherapy 201 and what a delightful journey it has been for me. Thank you!  LFN, Edmonton, AB.
  • This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. MZ, Calgary, AB.
  • You included more information, helpful in profiling each EO than any other book I’ve ever read. It gives so much more knowledge in being safe and creative, and effective in using the oils. MBBB, Benson, AZ.
  • I enjoyed the whole course, it is very well rounded, and lots of exercises to keep your mind busy and thinking. It’s very practical – I don’t think anything is left out. CS, Ridgeland, WI.